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  • World Population Day 2014: I'll Have What She's Having
    The most loving, compassionate thing we can do for young people, to ensure they have a shot at living good lives, is to conceive fewer of them. And start now.
  • Starting a Family? Think Small (World Population Day 2014)
    Returning world population to a sustainable level is mathematically achievable within a century. Fertility rates have been declining; we just need to accelerate that process. To do that, yes, we need to empower women. We need to make family planning affordable and accessible. We need to arm couples making family-size decisions with good information about overshoot and sustainability. We need to make small families cool, and large families,…well, NOT.
  • 5 Ridiculous Reasons Overpopulation is Politically Incorrect
    One would have to live in a hole to be unaware of the crushing crises we face thanks to the growing scale of the human enterprise on our planet. It’s a subject we desperately need to address. Discussion of the overpopulation part of this equation, however, remains a mere whisper in public discourse. I was reminded recently of the most maddening of the reasons many steer clear of this subject….
  • 5 Things You Wouldn't Do on a Spaceship
    We get a complete passenger safety briefing (often by video) before takeoff whenever we fly. This is because mistakes at 30,000 feet can be deadly. Flying through space is even more unforgiving, yet we passengers and crew on Spaceship Earth never get a passenger safety briefing. Until now
  • World Water Day – Are We Nuts???
    Saturday is World Water Day, as declared by the United Nations. As good folks around the world wring their hands over the looming shortage of freshwater for a growing world population, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out the obvious: If a growing population is creating the problem, then let’s stop growing the population.

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