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Eyes Wide Open

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
– Mahatma Gahdhi

The growth industry circled the wagons on the op/ed pages of The Gazette January 4, 2004, in an effort to quell the rising voices questioning claims our community benefits financially from growth. While we rejoice the dialog is happening and rational voices have the business-as-usual crowd on the ropes, it’s disappointing when pro-growthers or civic leaders still don’t get it or continue to ignore the truth. It’s apparent from recent Gazette editorials and letters from the Housing and Building Association, that we still have not articulated the slow-growth premise in a way that can be universally understood. So here’s another shot: . . .

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Sales Tax Hikes: We Keep Begging for Them

Dave Gardner
Founder & Chair, SaveTheSprings

I happen to be one who believes we need the defeated countywide sales tax increase. While the election is behind us, 2009 city and county budgets are yet to be balanced, and we face a future that offers the certainty of both death and taxes. In fact, there is already talk of tax increases on the next ballots.

Tax increases seem to be a fact of life. Why is that? Haven’t we just experienced a turbocharged 15-year growth boom? Yet local backlogs and budget crunches didn’t appear suddenly with the economic meltdown. Backlogs have been

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Response to Cheyenne Edition Publisher

Dear Mr. Walter,

Your “ramblings” in the May 30 Cheyenne Edition about the Springs gaining local residents who feel no one else should be allowed into “our little circle,” call for a response, especially since your comment was in part precipitated — I suspect — by remarks I made in a recent Cheyenne Edition interview.

First, I am not a recent transplant to the Springs. I was born here, but that is actually irrelevant. Whether I was born here or not, I have a right – in fact a duty – to care about the quality, integrity and viability of this community. This community could use more people like me, who are willing to inform themselves, willing to get involved, and if necessary forego a Lexus in the garage in exchange for clean air, nicer people, less traffic congestion, and adequate water for the . . .

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Enjoy It While You Can

Chair, SaveTheSprings

I have deep respect for Editions editor David Vickers because of his thorough news stories and thoughtful editorials. So I’m confident he’ll be happy to share with readers my perspective on his latest editorial. In Do both! (4/21/06) Vickers advises us to plan on piping in more water than the Southern Delivery System alone can provide, because “Growth is where it’s at.” Before we invest billions and billions of dollars in paving the way for Vickers’ rampant expansion plan (the price tag of SDS alone is over $2 billion), let’s examine the future David implies is not only inevitable but possibly even desirable. . . .

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How Do We Become a Sustainable Civilization?


This film explores the most critical question of our time.

Locally, nationally, and globally, modern society worships Growth Everlasting above all else. Economists preach the gospel of growth. We’ve built a system that has us addicted to growth. Real estate developers, chambers of commerce and economic developers are pushers lobbying and propagandizing to keep us hooked.

Your friends and family, business associates, elected representatives – and even your priest – all need to see Hooked on Growth, so we can recognize the addiction and begin the recovery. This film examines the beliefs and behaviors we must leave behind in order to become truly sustainable. It will help prepare us to embrace the end of growth. . . .

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