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We’re excited to begin virtual, thought-provoking presentations led by industry experts on a variety of topics, including overconsumption, steady state economics, and sustainability.


We’ve assembled a “faculty” of speakers to educate about limits to growth – both economic and population, who are available to speak to college classes, department gatherings, and student organizations.


This is virtual, so geography and schedule won’t stand in the way.


Please register your interest here or contact Nicole to set up a virtual presentation.













We’re constantly adding to our faculty of speakers.

Here’s our current list:


Dave Gardner

Filmmaker, Podcaster, & Cultural Observer

Dave produced the film, GrowthBusters; the Conversation Earth radio series, & currently produces 2 podcasts: Planet in Crisis for Scientists Warning Europe and GrowthBusters.

GrowthBusters Film Trailer

GrowthBusters Podcast

Planet in Crisis Podcast










Phoebe Barnard

Co-Founder & CEO, Stable Planet Alliance

Global change scientist, policy strategist, African national development specialist, volcano climber, film producer, & lead author of World Scientists’ Warnings Into Action: Local to Global.

Stable Planet Alliance

UW Faculty

Phoebe’s Website

Google Scholar









Brian Czech

Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

Biologist, economist, prior federal employee, & former professor at Virginia Tech. He is the author of four books including Supply Shock & Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train.

Center for the Advancement of Steady State Economy











Megan Seibert

Founder & Executive Director, The REAL Green New Deal Project

Bursting the fantasy bubble about renewable energy and sustainability by marrying the bio-socio-physical with the spiritual.

The REAL Green New Deal












Nandita Bajaj

Executive Director, Population Balance

A Humane Educator interested in procreative, social, & ecological justice; designed & teaches the first graduate course on “Pronatalism & Overpopulation: The Personal, Cultural, and Global Implications of Having a Child.”












Jane O’Sullivan

Honorary Senior Fellow & Co-Convenor of The Overpopulation Project

Researches on the environmental, social & economic impacts of demographic change, including interactions between population growth, economic development, food security and climate change, & the efficacy of policy and program options.

University of Queensland











Chris Bystroff

Professor of Biological Sciences & Director of The Contraceptive Vaccine Project

Chris has taught a college course in human population since 2016. His research includes systems dynamics modeling of global human population and the development of a reversible, long-acting immuno-contraceptive for women and men.

Faculty Page

Vaccine Project










John Barry

Professor of Green Political Economy & Co-Director of the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action


John Barry is a father, a recovering politician, Professor of Green Political Economy and Co-Director of the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action at Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland.  He is also founding Co-Chair of the Belfast Climate Commission

Queen’s Centre for SECA

Place-Based Climate Action Network










Please register your interest here or contact Nicole to set up a virtual presentation. We look forward to working with you.

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