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One man takes on City Hall, Wall Street, and the pope,
as he questions society’s most fundamental beliefs about prosperity.

“This could be the most important film ever made!”
-Paul Ehrlich, Author of The Population Bomb

“The cult of endless growth has kept us from seeing clearly the choices in front of us.”
-Bill McKibben

About the Filmmaker

Dave has worked as a professional director for over 30 years. During his career he’s directed documentaries and other award-winning projects for a long list of Fortune 500 corporate clients and PBS (see Visions West). He eventually found a successful career serving big business and a life pursuing the “American Dream” were not his Holy Grail.
His concern about our society’s growth addiction began when he noticed rapidly growing population centers in the American West are in denial about the limits of water available to feed their continuing growth frenzy.
Dave’s became the voice of reason in Colorado Springs, a city in the U.S. projected to double in size from half a million in 2000 to 1 million by 2040. As in most cities, growth boosters dominate local politics and policy, so Dave has turned to the film medium to illuminate the follies and educate the public about the true meaning of sustainability. Colorado Springs is serving as just one example in a film of national and global significance.
Dave ran for Colorado Springs city council in 2009 on the platform that true community prosperity could only be achieved by increasing efficiency and localization, not by continuing to chase the mythical “pot of gold at the end of the everlasting growth rainbow.” He lost the race to a well-funded pro-growth incumbent, but garnered 43% of the vote. Dave prefers staying behind the camera, but reluctantly elected to be a major on-screen character in Hooked on Growth, just because he has been one of the most active “GrowthBusters” he knows! Since Dave had been leading the charge to question the sanity of a growth-based prosperity strategy in his own community, he decided to turn the camera on himself and include some of his trials and tribulations in this documentary. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll groan, as Dave butts heads with the apostles of growth everlasting!
His basement is now offices for the “non-virtual” portion of staff and volunteers coming and going as work continues to distribute the film, create videos for the GrowthBusters youtube channel, develop a TV series and a sequel to the first GrowthBusters film.

To reach Dave give him a call at 719-576-5565 or send him an email.

Citizen-Powered Media
2930 Orion Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


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