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Volunteer or Come to Work With Us

People from around the world are stepping forward to help get the GrowthBusters film seen everywhere and engage the public around these issues. There is a place for you on this global team!

Here are the coolest positions we need help with right now:

Social Networking Mastermind – Develop and implement plans and campaigns to get the public talking about growth and sustainability.

Publicity Coordinator – This person interfaces with the media and masterminds our efforts to get the film and issues discussed in the media.

Audience Engagement Coordinators – These folks help recruit and build relationships with partner organizations to promote the film to a wider audience.

Writers at Growth Bias Busted – Help us identify and spotlight pro-growth bias in the media.

E-mail us to inquire or apply.

Other Openings:

  • Marketing Director
  • Film Distribution Strategist
  • Development Director
  • YouTube & Segment Editors
  • Art Director/Graphic Designer
  • Animators
  • Web Content Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Accountant
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Screening Resources

Resources to help you plan and advertise your screening or house party

Your guide to planning a screening or house party

Screening & House Party Toolkit

Click here to download

An excellent handout and catalyst for discussion

Things You Can Do Discussion Guide

Click here to download

An 11″ x 17″ Customizable Poster

Customizable Poster

Click here to download

An 8.5″ x 11″ Customizable Flyer Poster

Customizable Flyer Poster

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