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One man takes on City Hall, Wall Street, and the pope,
as he questions society’s most fundamental beliefs about prosperity.

“This could be the most important film ever made!”
-Paul Ehrlich, Author of The Population Bomb

“The cult of endless growth has kept us from seeing clearly the choices in front of us.”
-Bill McKibben

Meet the Crew


Dave Gardner


After a successful career producing a PBS series and award-winning business films for such clients as American Airlines, Coca-Cola, IBM, and even Enron, Dave realized he was part of an unsustainable system failing to provide most people with happiness and fulfillment. So he decided to focus his filmmaking skills on exploration of that system. His non-profit documentary project, Hooked on Growth, is the first of what Dave expects to be a series of groundbreaking films about genuine sustainability. Want to learn more about Dave? Check out his full bio.


Rick DeHoff

Photography and Publicity

Rick claims the titles Soothsayer, Savant of Wonders, and Master of Moments. That said, Rick has actually spent 35 years as a creative director, editorial photographer, writer, and HD video content producer. He’s produced work for a wide range of clients from American Express and Federal Express to the United States Department of Defense, from CBS to Disney. His personal work as a writer and editorial photographer has been published in over 200 publications. He’s traveled the world documenting everything from lost cultures to drug trafficking and Special Forces operations. Rick has seen the rapid mass exploitation of human and natural resources in developing countries. He is now committed to focusing much of his energy and talents to exposing these social, political and environmental injustices. Rick is always our go-to guy when we need that extra slice of creative input, or when we simply want a well considered point-of-view. Along with Dave Gardner, Rick is a card-carrying member of the “Fool on the Hill” club – who “see the world spinning-round and the sun going down.”


Christina Haley

Associate Producer

Christina grew up in a suburban shopping mall. The mall was the place she met her friends, spent time with her family, and of course, bought lots of stuff. She even went to church every Sunday in the basement of a shopping mall. This was long before Reverend Billy. Then a funny thing happened on the way to consumer nirvana. Christina’s mom lost her job, and the family could no longer buy stuff. In hindsight, they both agree that it was the best thing that ever happened to them. They learned that there is more to life than getting more stuff. Today Christina spends her time hiking, bicycling, experimenting with art, making music, spending time with friends, working in her community, and volunteering with GrowthBusters. She has never been happier. Keep up on the latest Growthbusters news on our Facebook site.


Adrienne Boese

Post Production Supervisor

Adrienne dreams big, loves to travel, loves more flavoring in her coffee than actual coffee and has had a love for video since she was a little girl. She recently graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Technical Journalism. In the past, she has worked for Emmy Award Winning Director/Producer Ginger Kathrens of the well-loved Cloud series. She also spent over 2 years working in Promotions for 2 CBS affiliate stations and has worked as a freelance videographer for a high school baseball team where she almost got hit with a baseball once! Adrienne spends as much of her time as possible volunteering not only for Citizen Powered Media but also for a school library. In the past, she has traveled with the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony to Austria to play in the Mozarteum and in the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., as well as traveled to the Chez Republic, Poland, New Zealand, and has played in the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Adrienne still enjoys playing flute and piccolo as well as reading anything she can get her hands on and scrapbooking.


Lynsey Jones

Associate Producer & Screening Coordinator

Kayaking, bouldering, hiking, playing classical piano, and pretentiously dissecting films while sipping a nice Pinot Noir are a few of Lynsey’s hobbies. She is obviously a Californian. But aside from happily reinforcing a stereotype, her real passion is for documentaries. The only thing better than making an incredible film or saving the world through philanthropy is philanthropically saving the world with an incredible film. Lynsey has worked on several documentaries and television programs that have aired on PBS including We Shall Remain, Under Our Skin, Snap Judgment, and Keeping Score. She has also traveled across Southeast Asia as a video journalist highlighting a school for sex workers. But despite her experiences and travels she believes, without falter, that Growthbusters will have the most impact on humanity.

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