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Wednesday, December 14       9-10 pm U.S. Eastern Time

The evidence is clear: the scale of the human enterprise has outgrown our planet. We need to scale back in order for the children of the world to have a chance to live decent lives. But what is it that we need to scale back? Do we need to dramatically contract our population, or drastically shrink our consumption?

– Stanford Biologist Paul Ehrlich (author of The Population Bomb)
– Columnist/Blogger Madeleine Somerville (author of All You Need Is Less: A Guilt-Free Guide to Eco-Friendly Green Living and Stress-Free Simplicity)
– Filmmaker Dave Gardner (director of GrowthBusters)

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Paul Ehrlich
Paul Ehrlich is President, Center for Conservation Biology, and Bing Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University. He has been a pioneer in alerting the public to the problems of overpopulation, and in raising issues of population, resources, and the environment as matters of public policy. Paul has cowritten numerous books, most with his wife, Anne Ehrlich. The most famous is The Population Bomb, published in 1968, which sold over 2 million copies.

Professor Ehrlich is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Ehrlich has received several honorary degrees, the John Muir Award of the Sierra Club, the Gold Medal Award of the World Wildlife Fund International, a MacArthur Prize Fellowship, the Crafoord Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, in 1993 the Volvo Environmental Prize, in 1994 the United Nations’ Sasakawa Environment Prize, in 1995 the Heinz Award for the Environment, in 1998 the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement and the Dr. A. H. Heineken Prize for Environmental Sciences, in 1999 the Blue Planet Prize, in 2001 the Eminent Ecologist Award of the Ecological Society of America and the Distinguished Scientist Award of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, and in 2009 the Margalef Prize in Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

Madeleine Somerville
Madeleine Somerville is a writer, blogger, and author of All You Need Is Less: A Guilt-Free Guide to Eco-Friendly Green Living and Stress-Free Simplicity. Until recently she wrote the All You Need is Less column for the UK Guardian. She has a BA in Sociology, with a concentration in Criminology, Deviance and Social Control.

Dave Gardner
The film GrowthBusters (Citizen-Powered Media, 2011) examines our culture’s worship of everlasting growth, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that we’ve hit the limits. In his 40-year career, Dave produced and directed a PBS series and numerous films for over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, including Coca-Cola, IBM, and even Enron. Gardner’s non-profit GrowthBusters initiative continues to seek the cure for “growth addiction.” Dave writes analysis of pro-growth bias in the media at He blogs at He also hosts the Paving Paradise podcast, The Overpopulation Podcast, and the Conversation Earth radio series and podcast.

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