Economic Growth

Job Growth, Increasing Production And More Consumption – Holy Grail Or Siren Songs Leading Us To Destruction?

  • In our documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, our examination of population, consumption and urban growth ultimately leads us to the root cause of these challenges: an insistence on perpetual economic growth.
  • Continually rising GDP is in conflict with our goal of sustainability: leaving adequate resources to support future generations.
  • There are alternative metrics to gauge our happiness and success. Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI) and Gross National Happiness are two examples.
  • Some thought leaders have been urging us for years to embrace economic stability instead of perpetual growth.

Join us in further exploring this issue on the filmmaker’s blog.

Possibly the most important reading you can do (and share with others) on this subject: The End of Growth by Richard Heinberg

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