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Description of Growthbusters Project – Brief
GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth
is a 54-minute documentary examining the beliefs and behaviors preventing us from becoming a sustainable civilization. It’s the first in a series of films planned by the non-profit GrowthBusters public education project. The film is available for purchase at www.growthbusters.org and Amazon.com.

Description of Growthbusters Project
GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth is a documentary film that asks the most critical question of our time: How do we become a sustainable civilization? It takes a unique approach among modern environmental documentaries: Rather than dispensing facts about climate change; peak energy, food and water; and bio-diversity loss, it examines the cultural barriers that prevent us from acting rationally. It asks why population conversations are so difficult to have, and why a roaring economy is more important to us than a survivable planet. It explores our obsession with community growth and economic growth. GrowthBusters holds up a mirror, encouraging us to examine the beliefs and behaviors we must leave behind, and the values we need to embrace, in order that our children can survive and thrive.

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