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Are GrowthBusters Modern Hippies?

I was recently interviewed by Modern Hippie Mag. Founder and editor Jaszy McAllister has become a fan of the GrowthBusters film project. You can listen to the interview here on Modern Hippie Radio.

Jaszy founded Modern Hippie Mag to “share a love for all things ‘green’, conscious living, and sustainability.” That was enough to get my interest. I’ve been following Modern Hippie for several months now and have gained some useful information to help me reduce my impact at home.


Modern Hippie has a variety of talented writers, publishes daily and weekly newsletters, shares interviews on Modern Hippie Radio, and provides video updates on Modern Hippie TV.

In my conversation with Jaszy, both on and off the air, we talked about the idea of me being a “modern hippie.” I was too young to attend Woodstock or participate in the anti-war rallies of the 1960s. But I admired the “hippies” who stood up for what they believed. Modern Hippie Mag has these definitions on their web site:

mod-ern “of, pertaining to contemporary styles of art, literature, music, etc., that reject traditionally accepted forms and emphasize individual experimentation and sensibility”

hip-pie “a person, who rejects established institutions and values, seeks spontaneity, direct personal relations expressing love, and expanded consciousness…”

These seem to befit me, the self-proclaimed GrowthBuster-in-chief, activist filmmaker fighting the status quo, standing up to the powerful growth profiteers, and upending a system that is hooked on growth (THE system). By God, at the age of 55 I am finally getting to be a hippie!

Thanks, Jaszy, for pointing that out. And thank you for sharing the message of GrowthBusters.

How about you? Are you a hippie and proud of it?

Dave Gardner

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