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Australia: New Political Party Promotes Sustainable Population

There are two components to making our civilization truly sustainable. One is changing our own personal behavior – how much energy and resources we consume in our daily lives, as well as how many children we have and how soon we start our families. The other is changing the system – public policy goals and system structures. Today public policy almost universally seeks and subsidizes growth.

Getting elected leaders to eschew the outdated and destructive goal of perpetual growth is one of our biggest challenges. First, we have to get them to question unexamined assumptions about growth being the path to prosperity. Second, we have to free them from being handcuffed to growth by campaign funding from growth profiteers.

It is, therefore, big news that a political party has formed around a major policy goal of achieving a stable population. As a non-profit documentary filmmaker, I try to be as apolitical as possible, but I do make a point of pointing out folly and congratulating enlightenment in the political sphere. So I’m very happy to be in Melbourne this week to thank Australians for taking a lead. The Stable Population Party of Australia was recently formed with the express intent of stabilizing the nation’s population, setting a good example for the world, and helping other nations achieve stabilization.

The party’s website states:

For too long now, the population debate in Australia has been manipulated by big business in order to grow population (customer numbers) and profit. The party gives all communities a voice in the debate previously dominated by the extremes – population growth addicts in big business / government and anti-immigration groups promoting intolerance….

We will now promote the many benefits of a stable population (outlined below) and endorse election candidates based on our philosophy of a stable, sustainable, open and tolerant Australia.

GB-poster-finalisedThe Stable Population Party has organized screenings of GrowthBusters in every Australian capital city over the next few weeks. I’m in Melbourne now for the Australian premiere this Wednesday night at Cinema Nova in Carlton. Friday I’ll be at the Brisbane screening. I had the pleasure of spending the day yesterday with party President William Bourke.

I was impressed with his knowledge, commitment and compassion for future generations and for people around the world. And of course I am very impressed to meet people in politics with the vision and commitment to boldly step out and offer leadership on the most critical issues of our time. If you’re in Australia, I look forward to meeting you at one of these screenings.

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