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EDC Job Application and Slogan

October 26, 2003

Rocky Scott


Greater Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation

Dear Mr. Scott,

I read recently that the Greater Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation is looking for a new chief recruiting officer. Look no more! I’m your man. I’m excited about the potential growth of this vibrant town. I know how to lure more businesses (and people wanting to work for them) to Colorado Springs, ensuring a steady flow of work for homebuilders, sod farmers and newspaper ad salespeople. As an illustration, I’ve already got quite a list of slogans we can use once I’m on board:

Colorado Springs…get here quick, while there’s still water.

Intoxicating mountain vistas today, toxic haze tomorrow.

Alpine skiing only 90 minutes away – by helicopter as you look down on those poor suckers spending 4 hours bumper-to-bumper on the highway.

Tired of L.A. freeways? Join tens of thousands of visionary Californians who made the switch (meet us at Woodmen and I-25).

Colorado Springs – most congested city of its size in America!

Big-city benefits/small-town splendor! Spend a day in line to get your driver’s license, but enjoy our mountain view while you wait (never mind that scar).

Tired of ozone alerts? Come to pristine Colorado Springs (hurry, offer limited, no ozone alerts guaranteed after 2004).

Want to get away from big-city crowds, rudeness, impatience, crime? Try Lubbock.

From those wonderful folks who gave you Atlanta, Houston and Mexico City!

Make the move to Colorado Springs, where they still think growth pays. We’ll subsidize your business, subsidize your house, subsidize your roads and subsidize your utilities. Heck, we may even subsidize a convention center, ballpark, or downtown loft development.

Colorado Springs is the affordable place to move. We lose money on each new resident, but we make it up on volume!

Make your move to the Pikes Peak Region…it’s just too darn pretty and peaceful around here!

Dave Gardner

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