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NEW: GrowthBusters Podcast

Enlighten Yourself – New GrowthBusters Podcast Launched

The new GrowthBusters podcast is now active, with three episodes available now for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

Why a GrowthBusters podcast?

Many lively discussions begin on our webinars, on my media bias analysis at, and in response to Facebook posts. And those have continued here in the office (thanks to the presence of our two student interns, Kaitlyn and Ben). So, we decided the time is right to launch an official GrowthBusters podcast.

You can listen to the first episodes right here (just below, in this post), or you can find the GrowthBusters podcast (and subscribe, for free) at iTunes, Stitcher or the Apple Podcasts app. Subscribing means you’ll automatically get new episodes when available. (You’ll also find a couple of old episodes of our Paving Paradise podcast, which I started last summer but abandoned due to lack of time.)

Kaitlyn and Ben are back in school, so their limited availability means we’ll aim to publish a new episode every other week. Each episode features in-depth examination of growth and sustainability happenings in the news, occasional guests, and a regular Lightening the Load segment.

Why listen?

These podcasts will be of interest to you if you’re already a “growthbuster” – an advocate for trimming back the scale of the human enterprise (the size of our population and/or the size of our economy). We’ll share news and perspective that will empower you to be a better advocate. They’ll also be of interest to anyone who’s on the fence, beginning to wonder if the dominant world view and systems might not be the final answer, and in fact are fueling inequality and injuring the world’s life-supporting ecosystems. We’ll give you more food for thought and help you decide what to believe, and what to advocate. Importantly, you can rate, review and share the podcast with others, so eventually we’ll have a critical mass of people who understand we’re in overshoot and are willing to do something about it.

Enough said. Here are the first three episodes:

#1 Welcome to the GrowthBusters Podcast
New study reveals conceiving one fewer child eclipses all other CO2 reduction strategies. Why Japan’s birth dearth isn’t bad news. What countries are overpopulated? Should the overdeveloped world focus on cutting consumption or reducing births? Could we downshift to a simpler lifestyle? Family planning cuts in the U.S. and how that won’t reduce abortions. Reducing our footprint: are the small things worth doing? Kaitlyn’s pet peeve about veganism. Does peeing in the shower save water?

#2 Water Insanity in the West & Sustainable Ecological Footprint
The Colorado River rarely flows all the way to its delta, and the state of Colorado has determined demand for water will far outstrip supply if anticipated population growth continues. Yet the state advertises for people and companies to move to Colorado. The GrowthBusters team discusses this with Gary Wockner, executive director of Save the Colorado. Growth addiction and our predilection to dam rivers are also on tap.

Also: Global Footprint Network’s new footprint calculator. How small does your ecological footprint need to be if you want to use no more than your share of the Earth’s biocapacity?

#3 William & Kate Plus 8
Are Prince William and Kate Middleton setting a bad example by having a third child in an overpopulated world? Should we do away with child tax credits and dependent deductions? Plus: Rising numbers of visitors are clogging America’s most beautiful natural places. Fees, reservation systems and vehicle bans are among proposed solutions. Are they temporary band-aids when your population is growing? Dave Gardner has the ultimate solution. Also discussed: recycling plastic grocery bags, cloth napkins, dairy-free ice cream and reusing beer pong cups.

If you like what we’re doing, please support this effort. Become a sustaining member of GrowthBusters. Thank you!

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