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Is the End Near?

Is the End Near? (Podcast episode 33)

Is the End Near?There may be beer in your fridge when you open it, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t in the early stages of climate catastrophe. The crisis is now, this is a present threat, not a future threat, according to our guest on this episode, Jeff Nesbit. He compiled an attention-getting catalog of things unraveling around the planet in his book, This Is the Way the World Ends. Is Nesbit predicting the end of the world? Listen to this episode to find out.

In their discussion of Jeff’s book and interview, Erika and Dave agree he places too much faith in technology and wish he shared their belief that changing individual behavior and contracting our population are both critical parts of limiting climate disruption.

Erika has a great notion: there is a “sweet spot” between too much technology and not enough. And don’t get them started on economic growth (oops, too late!).

PLUS:  Erika can’t help but laugh at a piece critical of ecological footprint accounting and Earth Overshoot Day, written by Michael Schellenberger of the Breakthrough Institute. Dave is not a fan.

And listeners have been sending their recommendations for additions to our Overshoot Playlist: Top 10 Environmental Songs. We share three links below. Listen to the podcast episode that plays our top 10 songs here.


This Is the Way the World Ends by Jeff Nesbit

Climate Nexus

Small Family Stickers

Songs Recommended by Listeners to Our Overshoot Playlist Episode:
Earth Song by Michael Jackson
Earth by Lil Dicky
Poi Dog Pondering, by “The Ancient Egyptians”

Overshoot Playlist: Top Environmental Songs playlist on YouTube

GrowthBusters playlist on Spotify

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