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Everything You Wanted to Know About GrowthBusters

Want a detailed explanation of my film, Hooked on Growth – why I’m making it, why we need it, what I hope to accomplish, how the film will be seen? Then drop in for a few beers with Steve! I’m the guest on the popular podcast, Two Beers With Steve. You can hear my episode here.


Steve Patterson tells me Two Beers With Steve started as a podcast about what they are doing to us, but it has evolved into a podcast about what we can do for ourselves and our communities. According to Steve, “we started looking for ways to become not so dependent on a flawed system. We cover topics about economic and financial chaos all the way to what method we should use in our gardens.” Patterson has some smart followers, covers great topics, and features some prominent guests (including Crash Course’s Chris Martenson, James Howard Kuenstler, and quickly-becoming-infamous GrowthBuster Dave Gardner).

On a completely different subject, I’m about to head out on a 3.5 week whirlwind tour of the U.S. East Coast to capture interviews and case studies for the film, and I need your help. Would you like to join the crew when I’m in your area? Or offer a couch or guest-room to a weary filmmaker on shoestring budget? With our lean budget, I’m avoiding hotels and I’m not hiring grips or camera assistants. We’ll be shooting some fascinating material and interviewing some of the leading thinkers on economics, environment, psychology and politics.

Here’s my schedule. Please call or email me right away if you can provide lodging and/or want to be on the crew when I’m filming in your area.

May 27-28       Charlottesville, VA

May 29-June 3 Washington DC

June 3                Annapolis & Baltimore

June 4-8            New York City

June 8-9            Long Island

June 9-11          Burlington, VT

June 14              Strafford, VT

June 14-16       Boston, MA

June 17-18       Montague, MA

The east coast of Chesapeake Bay will be fit in here at some point, also. Call me at 719-576-5565, or email me.

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