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Growth Addiction: Help us find the cure!

Some visitors to GrowthBusters, and maybe even many of our fans, may not realize we are depending on financial contributions (tax-deductible in the U.S.) to produce our non-profit documentary, Hooked on Growth

A glance at the fundraising thermometer upper right will show you we’re making progress, but we have a long way to go. We’ll finish the film even if we fall short of the goal. But the closer we can get to $250,000, the fewer important ingredients we have to leave out of the film and the distribution plan. The film can have a lot more impact if we can afford an original music score. Stock footage? Costs money. Color correction? Money. Animation? Serious money (though we’re trying to get some of this donated to the project). Then, it would be a shame to have a great film but no money to spend on publicity to make sure millions see it. You get the picture.   DONATE HERE!

Speaking of getting the picture…we’d be finishing the film a lot more quickly if we could afford to upgrade our 6-year-old edit system. Our post supervisor, Adrienne, and whiz-bang Colorado College film intern Anna threw together this little glimpse of our editing process.  REALLY. FEEL FREE TO DONATE RIGHT NOW.

Many of us don’t think twice about donating some clothes to Goodwill, or giving ten or twenty dollars to a well-known charity when asked. But for some reason donating ten or twenty dollars to help produce a film that could affect the future or our civilization (let alone our children) doesn’t occur to many of us.  Think about it. The American Heart Association won’t have many hearts to save if we grow ourselves to oblivion. Cancer, diabetes, or saving the Poudre River won’t really be on our radar screens in 50 years if we haven’t figured out how to live sustainably. In case you missed it, there are 3 Easy Ways to Donate (hint, hint).

If only 10,000 enlightened, good-hearted believers in true sustainability were to chip in $20 each, we could finish this film quickly and begin to make a real difference in the world. How can we make that happen? (If you don’t chip in today because you think the next person will, I can promise you the next person is probably thinking the same thing.) How about helping out with a contribution, and strongly encouraging ten friends and family to do the same.? You can even share this cause on facebook with family and friends, including this video.

Here’s hoping you’ll chip in today! Thank you.

Dave Gardner

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