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GrowthBusters Hits New York

Sunshine_opening-246x300 Greetings from New York City, where GrowthBusters hits the big screen this Thursday. Yesterday was the first day of the SOHO International Film Festival, and it was quite exciting to meet other filmmakers, just as committed to their vision as I am to mine. Get your tickets now to see the New York City premiere of GrowthBusters at 3:30 Thursday.

The theater was packed last night for the screening of The Night Never Sleeps. This is a narrative cop film with Eric Roberts and Armand Assante in supporting roles, made on a shoestring, and quite engaging. The bad guy, played by Russ Carmada, was one of the all-time greats. You really wanted this guy to get his due. My compliments to Fred Carpenter and Russ Carmada for pulling this off.

GB-POSTER-WS-300x168 Today I’m headed to Central Park to join Occupy Wall Street’s Spring Awakening 2012 and pass out some flyers. I’ll be in full GrowthBusters costume, so if you’re in NYC come say hi and we’ll take a picture with you! I’m also going to stop by The Plaza Hotel to hand out flyers. This clientele should see the film. Monday I’ll be on Wall Street. We’ve got to get more than environmentalists into our screenings!

We’re up to Day 13 in our Exponential Growth demonstration. If you’ve been doing this at home, please post some photos or video on our facebook page or YouTube and let us know about the reactions of your family. On Day 12 we had 2,048 grains of wheat in our beaker. Today we’ll double that. Still room to grow, but it’s beginning to look like we ought to start practicing smart growth – give up meat, conserve water, live only in high-rises, just to play it safe:

LTG-Experiment_day13-300x212 If you find this information at all compelling, if you’re concerned about the prospects for a civilization hell-bent to grow forever on a finite planet, please take the Think Small Pledge and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do so. Thank you.

Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner is the director of the new documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, which uncovers the cultural forces that keep us pursuing growth in the face of overwhelming evidence we’ve outgrown the planet.

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