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GrowthBusters Online Sustainability Activists Community

collage of advocacy activitiesHave you had a chance yet to check out the new GrowthBusters online community? We’ve recently created this community to be a resource for those who want to improve our work as sustainability activists and advocates. Whether you’ve joined already or have yet to kick the tires, I want to share a little more detail with you:

There are plenty of listservs, facebook groups, and others discussing these issues. GrowthBusters online will be different. Here you can join or create a team to accomplish a specific task. You can plug in where you find the most meaning or significant need. Our goal is to give activists the tools they need and a platform for self-organizing, and then get out of their way. Here’s a snapshot showing a few current discussion threads:

Message Threads

We’ve chosen to host this on the platform, because it’s very simple and offers some flexibility. One important feature is that you can choose how you wish to be notified of new activity (an email or desktop notification, or a daily summary of activity). You can opt for a different level of notification in each group you join. Select your desired level under “Subscription” in the sidebar for each sub-group (AKA team).

We’ll use the “Wiki” function in each group to work together developing desired resources. Resources ready to be shared and used widely will be published in the “Files” section of the main group. To whet your appetite, here are snapshots of portions of a few of the wikis already in development: 

Information about nations trying to increase fertilityWe have one main group where many of the broad conversations and resources will reside. We’ll set up a sub-group (team) whenever a project comes up that we think can benefit from close work among a self-selected team of activists with high interest in that project. There is already one such sub-group: PSA Project.

The community is private. New members must either be invited or apply and be approved. You can apply for membership – if interested – once you’ve explored the concept. Join the community, look around, take advantage of the resources, and get to work. 

Nicole Chau is the GrowthBusters staffer managing this community. Reach out to her with questions or suggestions.

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