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GrowthBusters Team in Full Swing

As we enter the homestretch to complete the GrowthBusters documentary, I’m going to offer more frequent updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the production process. This week we’ve been joined in the office by assistant editor and production associate Lynsey Jones. Lynsey left home in Oakland, California to spend a month at what we lovingly call “GrowthBusters World Headquarters.” She’s been pitching in virtually for the past few months, helping us obtain important historical film clips. She arrived here in a snowstorm while the temperature was on it’s way down to -2 degrees Fahrenheit (-19°C). We hope she won’t get homesick!


Lynsey hit the ground running yesterday, logging footage we shot of an Awakening the Dreamer symposium last summer. With her help we we’ll finish logging all the footage shot for this project over the past several years. She also hopes to edit a couple of fun sequences for our film and the GrowthBuster YouTube channel. Lynsey’s experience includes work on PBS programs, a Food Network television series, and even a Bollywood film. We’re excited she wants to inject her energy into the GrowthBusters project.

Our co-producer in Sydney, Donnie Maclurcan, recently led a volunteer production team in filming a profile of Australia’s prolific growthbuster, Dick Smith. A very successful entrepreneur, Smith is dedicating much of his time to getting Aus

tralia unhooked from growth addiction. You can read about his efforts at

Also a shout-out to volunteer Louise Thompson in San Diego. I’ve never met Louise, but she has been our most prolific interview transcriber. By my count she’s handled nine interviews! And likewise to Christina Haley, a super-hero in my book. Christina, who lives just a few hours north of GrowthBusters HQ in Colorado, has been matching interviews with volunteers to get the transcripts finished. Her performance review: spectacular!

Thanks to these growthbusters, and thanks to you and all the volunteers around the world who are pitching in to bring this important film to the world!

Dave Gardner

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