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GrowthBusters Update – Nov 2010

Documentary Release: First Half of 2011
We’ve completed nearly all shooting and are now finishing the script and editing the film. GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth will be released early next year — not an easy task for an operation running on volunteer power and a shoestring budget.

We still need money for completion, publicity and distribution. This is a tough fundraising environment for anyone, but it’s extra-challenging for us because questioning the mantra of infinite growth is a hot potato for many foundations. If you can get our project in front of a philanthropist likely to appreciate our mission, you will be our hero! Drop me a line if you have a connection. And don’t forget you can be a philanthropist, too!

Recommended Reading

Richard Heinberg tops our list with a great essay to share with growth-addicted friends in need of detox.

Are You a Sneezer? YOU Are Our Distribution Plan!
These days some of the best independent films, especially documentaries, don’t rely on traditional theatrical or broadcast distribution deals. Our distribution plan depends on you to organize screenings in your community. We need you to order DVDs and distribute them to friends, journalists, elected representatives and other influentials. We’re counting on you to invite colleagues to house party screenings.

We need more growthbusters like you in our grassroots network to spread this message far and wide. Please help by forwarding this newsletter (click on the forward link) to others right now. And introduce us to organizations you believe will want to promote and screen the film (we’ll provide them with news stories or ads, and will help them organize their own screenings).

In marketing jargon, a “sneezer” is slang for someone who spreads the word about an issue or product by distributing it to others by e-mail, or via “social networks” like facebook. Have you sneezed today?

Thank you for your amazing support! We’ve raised over $50,000 this year thanks to people like you – who believe this project has the power to shift our culture toward true sustainability. Everyone wants to get this film out today; its message is needed now more than ever. We’re being extraordinarily frugal, but we still need cash to meet our most basic needs, pay part-time staff and cover out-of-pocket production expenses. We need a bare minimum of another $50,000. We’re getting close to the finish-line, but we cannot get there without your help. Please give now to the greatest extent of your ability. Whether it’s $10 or $10,000, your tax-deductible contribution will make a difference!

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