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Hooked on Growth: Find the Cure

I’m inviting your vote. The trailer posted on our homepage has been up for a year, and we’ve been thinking it’s time for an update. Soon we’ll post a trailer that gives you a more complete picture of what the film will look like. But for now, I think we’ve come up with something short and to the point. I’d like your opinion, and it will only take you a minute to view it (it’s that short!).

Here is the new trailer:

And here is the current one:

Please cast a vote for which you prefer, at my blog on Daily Kos. Your comments below are also welcome. And if you like it, here’s a short link to it on YouTube you can share with your friends:


Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner is producing the non-profit documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, due out in 2011. Join the movement, donate, or volunteer at

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