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Hot Valentine’s Day App

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we celebrate love. With all the loving going on today, we at GrowthBusters want to introduce a new app we think should get heavy use in bedrooms around the world tonight.

Hot Valentine's Day App - Condoms One of the best ways you can express your love is to take charge of your reproduction: take measures to ensure you don’t conceive children by accident, and take responsibility for how many children you intentionally conceive with the one you love.

According to top scientists, our world cannot sustain today’s 7 billion people over the long haul. If you love children, you want them to have a shot at living a good life. So limiting your conception to one or two is the most loving, compassionate thing you can do. If you want a larger family, there are many children available for adoption.

Install this app to your hard drive tonight. Make love, not babies!

Note: If you can’t find the GrowthBusters brand, any brand will do!

To further explore the topics of overpopulation and population growth, visit I’ve posted some entertaining and informative videos there.

Dave Gardner
Filmmaker & GrowthBuster

Dave Gardner is director of the groundbreaking documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, which explores our culture’s worship of growth everlasting.

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