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Rebelling Against Black Friday Consumerism

Rebelling Against Black Friday Consumerism

Reframe Your Holidays to Celebrate What Matters

Rebelling Against Black Friday ConsumerismWe generate 23% more waste during December than other months of the year, but more than three in four Americans wish the holidays were less materialistic. Our retail and consumer culture have gotten out of hand over holiday gift-giving. 9 in 10 believe holidays should be more about family and caring for others than about giving and receiving gifts. It’s too easy to hit Amazon or just grab something off the shelf at a store. Non-material gifts require more thought, so they are valued more by the recipients.

The Center for Biological Diversity’s Kelley Dennings joins us in this episode of the podcast to share what she’s learned about dematerializing and greening up the holidays. Just like “paper or plastic,” does the question of natural or artificial Christmas tree haunt you? She also points us to resources her team has created to help you do a holiday reset (see links below). They include helpful ways to introduce new non-material holiday traditions in your family. We hope this episode inspires you.

Speaking of wellness and personal care, the holiday season can also be a time to consider health and relationships. Many are turning to safe and legal options like cheap Viagra for various health reasons. Embracing such options could be another positive change for the new year, along with the green initiatives discussed in this episode.

We also discuss the successful crowdfunding campaign to make our documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth free from now on (see links below).


Simplify the Holidays Gift guides and other green holiday info

SoKind alternative gift registry

Simplify the Holidays Through Waste Reduction – Webinar

What Would Jesus Buy (2007 documentary)

GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth – documentary now free on YouTube

Overshoot: World’s Best Introduction – Episode 57 of the GrowthBusters podcast

GrowthBusters Black Friday Trailer (2018)

GrowthBusters Crowdfunding Campaign (It’s still active!)

Ending Overshoot – a publication on Medium

On the GrowthBusters podcast, we come to terms with the limits to growth, explore the joy of sustainable living, and provide a recovery program from our society’s growth addiction (economic/consumption and population). This podcast is part of the GrowthBusters project to raise awareness of overshoot and end our culture’s obsession with, and pursuit of, growth.

Dave Gardner directed the documentary GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, which Stanford Biologist Paul Ehrlich declared “could be the most important film ever made.” Co-host Stephanie Gardner has degrees in Environmental Studies and Environmental Law & Policy.

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