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Part-Time Position Open: Join the GrowthBusters Team

Engagement/Outreach Coordinator – This Position Has Been Filled

Young woman joyfully works at laptopIdeal for a recent college graduate, but we’ll welcome anyone! Whether you want to exercise and enhance your activist/advocacy/engagement chops, or just want to pitch in on the world’s most critical cause…

This part-time, virtual job or internship position has two primary responsibilities:

Campus Outreach Coordination

Solicit and book presentations to college classes and student organizations, as well as campus-wide presentations, about limits to growth (both economic and population) and creating a sustainable human civilization. Build and maintain our database of contacts on college campuses across the U.S. (possibly in other English-speaking parts of the world, as well).

Activist Network Coordination

Assist in developing a new, simple online resource to support and build a sustainability activist community. The resource will consist of a handful of forums, an event calendar and a repository of factsheets, graphics, reports and other resources. The coordinator’s primary responsibility will be to manage communications with activists, recruit members to the community, monitor community activity and nurture it to grow and meet the needs of the activists. 

Work can be done virtually from any location. There is no specific work schedule, however the position requires a time commitment of approximately 40 hours per month for the first two months, then 15 hours per month ongoing.

The successful candidate for this position has good written communication skills, some proficiency with typical online communication platforms, is organized and works well independently, and has an understanding of and a strong interest in environmental sustainability and advocacy work. We’ll teach you what we know and you’ll get the chance to hone your own engagement skills.

Send us your cover letter and resume

Learn more about the cause you’ll be joining:

After reviewing letters of interest and resumes, we’ll arrange a Zoom interview with finalists. Don’t delay. We intend to hire by mid-February, 2022.

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