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Phone Call to the Pope

Check out this sneak preview from the upcoming GrowthBusters documentary.



I called the Vatican to have a little chat with Pope Benedict XVI regarding the Catholic Church’s official position on contraception. Even though the vast majority of Catholics use contraception, the Catholic Church continues to wield political power that prevents access to family planning around the world. We’ll be delving into this sensitive topic in the film – premiering late October.

GrowthBusters-support-us-on-kickstarter-300x169Kickstarter Update: 13 days left to raise $20,000 in finishing funds for the film. Have you been sitting on the sidelines hoping everyone else will do their part?

We need to overcome that bystander effect and start a landslide of support. If 1500 people each pledge $10 this week we’ll make our goal. That’s it. $10 here and $10 there. Are there not 1500 people out there who want to give our growth-obsessed culture a wake-up call?

Please pledge, even a little if that’s all you can afford. And please twist the arms of your enlightened friends you believe might appreciate the need to find the cure for growth addiction.Thank you for your support!

Dave Gardner

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