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Planet of the Humans: What Did the Film Get Right? (podcast episode 45)

“There are too many human beings, using too much, too fast.” Those are the words of Richard Heinberg in a controversial new documentary executive produced by Michael Moore. Planet of the Humans presents us with some inconvenient truths – far more inconvenient than just the greenhouse gas effect. Yet because the film skewers some renewable energy advocates for painting an overly rosy picture that’s not 100% accurate, there’s been a lot of backlash and effort to keep the film from being seen. In the film, director Jeff Gibbs notes:

“It was becoming clear that what we had been calling green, renewable energy, and industrial civilization are one and the same – desperate measures not to save the planet, but to save our way of life.”

We think the most important messages of the film are just too critical to avoid, so GrowthBusters teamed up with World Population Balance to co-host the webinar, Planet of the Humans: a Sequel. You can view a video replay of that webinar here. Or you can listen to the audio of the webinar in this episode of the GrowthBusters podcast.

We just recorded a continuation of the panel discussion begun in that webinar. Watch for that as another episode of the podcast in the very near future. Subscribe to our email updates or the GrowthBusters YouTube channel to be notified immediately when that video is posted.


Planet of the Humans film

Planet of the Humans: a Sequel webinar video replay

World Population Balance

One Planet, One Child Billboard Campaign

Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

Fact Check at Planet of the Humans Website

Full and Sustainable Employment Act (post in Steady State Herald)

The Real Green New Deal Project

Green New Deal

Panelists’ reviews of Planet of the Humans:

The Inconvenient Truth of Planet of the Humans – by Dave Gardner

Climate Crisis: Our Ecological Dysfunction Has a Marketing Problem (and it’s not Michael Moore) – by Kristine Mattis

Planet of the Humans Puts Sacred Cows Out to Pasture – by Brian Czech

Other Insightful Reviews:

Sequence Matters – by Herman Daly

Review: Planet of the Humans – by Richard Heinberg

Crossroads for Planet of the Humans by William Rees


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