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Sustainable 1000 TV Interview

One of the challenges that come with appearing in the film you’re directing is you have to get over your vanity. To be authentic, you have to be willing to show the warts along with the good moments. So in that spirit I’m sharing this interview which wasn’t one of my best. I have my good days (in which I’m brilliant!) but there are also days I can’t think as fast as my mouth moves.


Apparently last Wednesday was one of those, but the conversation was still meaningful.

I was glad to meet Shane Snipes, who stopped in as part of his Eco-Road Trip across the 48 contiguous United States. Every day he webcasts a live interview, which is pretty impressive. Those interviews are archived here, and at Shane’s website, you can find links to his YouTube channel, blogs, etc.

For such a young man, Shane has led quite the life. Fulbright Scholar, founder of several  European environmental and social issues organizations, university instructor, corporate trainer, environmental auditor, and now cross-country filmmaker/blogger/interview host. Shane’s personal motto is consume less and live more.  I wish Shane much success and happiness and hope he gives me a chance to do an even better interview next time he’s through.

Dave Gardner is producing the non-profit documentary, Hooked on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity.

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