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TV Worth Watching

I’ve interviewed some very smart people for my GrowthBusters documentary, but Chris Martenson has to be one of the brightest. At the very least he is an amazing communicator. If you haven’t seen his wildly popular Crash Course, your education is not complete. If we’d all seen Martenson’s Crash Course instead of reading Tip and Mitten, the world would be in great shape today.


I just caught a great video of Chris’ presentation to the InnoTown Innovation Conference in Ålesund, Norway. I’m going to tell you up front, the presentation is about an hour long. So don’t start viewing if you’re on a three minute YouTube break. I suffer from a short attention span just like everybody else, but I was a half-hour into this video before I even thought to look at the clock.

What does Chris talk about? He explains clearly how our economy has been organized to require exponential growth. And he explains what he is observing in the world today that convinced him that the next twenty years are not going to operate the way we’ve come to expect the world to work.

This may sound silly to you, but I suggest you pop some popcorn and sit the entire family down to watch, just like my family did when I was a kid and it was time for Bonanza. I guarantee you Martenson’s talk will keep you on the edge of your seat. So put down Tip and Mitten or the Wall Street Journal and watch!

Chris Martenson at InnoTown 2010 Conference

Dave Gardner

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