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A vasectomy could save Herschel Walker a lot of money

A Vasectomy Could Save Herschel Walker a Lot of Money

More men are stepping up and taking responsibility for avoiding unplanned parenthood. Dave celebrates this trend as he shares GrowthBusters plans for the new year in this special year-end mini-episode.

A typical vasectomy takes about ten minutes. It’s much less invasive, and less expensive, than the equivalent procedure for women. It’s far past time that men take as much responsibility as women. Avoiding unwanted or unplanned pregnancies is always a noble goal. On an overpopulated planet, the importance of this goal is amplified.

A vasectomy could save Herschel Walker a lot of moneyGrowthBusting highlights for next year:

  • GrowthBusters online community continues into its second year, developing resources and providing support for sustainability activists.
  • GrowthBusters Campus-Tour now has 8 impressive speakers to virtually enter your classroom, campus event, conference, workshop, seminar, symposium, forum, colloquium, service club, church or community group meeting.
  • The GrowthBusters podcast continues.

We depend on your financial support to keep these important initiatives humming. Please make a one-time or recurring donation.


Fewer Abortions, More Vasectomies: Why the Procedure May Be Getting More Popular

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The GrowthBusters theme song was written and produced by Jake Fader and sung by Carlos Jones.

On the GrowthBusters podcast, we come to terms with the limits to growth, explore the joy of sustainable living, and provide a recovery program from our society’s growth addiction (economic/consumption and population). This podcast is part of the GrowthBusters project to raise awareness of overshoot and end our culture’s obsession with, and pursuit of, growth.

Dave Gardner directed the documentary GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, which Stanford Biologist Paul Ehrlich declared “could be the most important film ever made.” Co-host Stephanie Gardner has degrees in Environmental Studies and Environmental Law & Policy.

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