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What’s in the Kool-Aid? Worship of Growth Everlasting

The evidence doesn’t suggest, it shouts, that we have outgrown our planet. Our numbers and our appetites have reached deadly proportions. So why do we still insist on growing our economies? Why are we still adding over 200,000 people per day to the planet? Why is increasing production and consumption a worldwide goal? Part of it is we’ve created a system that requires constant, perpetual growth. But also at play here is a philosophy, our cultural story of why we are here. Growth has become our operating system, society’s version of Microsoft Windows. This is the subject of this week’s GrowthBusters podcast at Next Gen.

One major focus of the upcoming GrowthBusters documentary is to raise awareness of the pro-growth Kool-Aid we are served daily. Today the television, internet, newspaper and radio are a modern-day medicine show. We are barraged with a steady stream of messages telling us growth is the miracle elixir. The language used in headlines, opinion pieces and news stories doesn’t just reveal our society’s bias toward growth as a universal good; it reinforces it. It has programmed us, and now it keeps us hooked on growth. But once we begin to recognize bias in the media anointing growth the cure for every malady, it will begin to lose its power over us.

In this week’s episode of the GrowthBusters podcast on NextGen, I share some examples from the current media. I think after you’ve listened, you’ll be surprised you weren’t recognizing the Kool-Aid when it was served. It will change the way you receive and process this propaganda going forward. Take a listen.

Dave Gardner, Filmmaker

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