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Why Joining our e-mail list is crucial

A large support network is critical to distributing the film.

Every day I hear from people around the world who’ve discovered this film project and want to encourage me. Yet frequently I find they have not joined our e-mail list. Why would they skip such a quick and easy way to support this project?

I suspect it’s because I haven’t communicated our distribution strategy very well. While Michael Moore, Al Gore and Morgan Spurlock have made it so documentaries can sometimes get theatrical distribution, for every film like Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story, there are a hundred documentaries that never get a theatrical run.

While we’re not ruling it out, we simply cannot count on Hooked on Growth being picked up by a Hollywood distributor. So our distribution strategy depends on an army of supporters around the world arranging community screenings and viewing parties. By joining our e-mail list you’re not committing to do anything, but I need to be able to give you the opportunity to help when the film is released.

When director Robert Greenwald released Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, the film was seen by 500,000 viewers at 7,000 community screenings in one week. That can only happen if good people like you join our e-mail list.

Don’t worry about being deluged with e-mails from us. I’m way too busy making this film to send you too many e-mails. And you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

So, maybe you cannot make a tax-deductible donation to help finish the film. Maybe you can’t volunteer some time doing research, updating our website or transcribing interviews. But you can, in about 20 seconds, join our growing, global grass roots support network. While you’re at it, please consider taking another 10 seconds to fan us on Facebook!

Dave Gardner

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