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World Population Day 2012

On July 11 a few people and organizations observe World Population Day. I write “few” because the subjects of population growth and overpopulation are too often ignored or even avoided. Even those organizations which do make note of the day generally tapdance around the issue. They talk about “population dynamics” rather than “population growth.” They avoid the word “overpopulation.” “Birth control” becomes “family planning.” “Making responsible decisions about family size” is not mentioned. Instead we talk about “reproductive health,” “reproductive rights,” “equality or education for women,” etc. Even the United Nations, which started World Population Day in 1989, beats around the bush in its annual World Population Day statements.

In these critical times, when the scale of the human enterprise has outgrown the planet, we at GrowthBusters have decided our role is to make it okay to talk about overpopulation. We want to make sure everyone has good information about limits to growth, overshoot, and the implications of our family size decisions on the ability of children around the world to live good lives.

So allow me to introduce a new website…

Make Love, Not Consumers We just launched it about a week ago. Its mission is to let everyone know…

Overpopulation is real.
It’s everywhere.
We can do something about it…humanely, voluntarily, and we can begin immediately.

The website is a showcase for videos – videos we’re producing and videos created by others that we think add to the dialog. If you want to create a video or recommend one, please comment here or on and we’ll share it with the world. The site also includes some great links to explore the subject under Resources, and I’m sharing good current news stories and commentary in the Population News section.

A Word for Stephen Colbert - OverpopulationPeople Keep Making People Over the last few days we’ve posted two fun, new videos I think you’ll like. The more people watch and share these videos, the more we can spread the word about overpopulation.

One last comment. We at GrowthBusters firmly believe we’ve got to be working on both factors in the sustainability equation, population AND consumption. I don’t mean to ignore consumption right now, but we are dealing right now with World Population Day, so I hope you’ll understand the focus. It is needed. Thank you for checking out the new website and the videos, and telling your friends, associates and networks about them.

Dave Gardner
Filmmaker and GrowthBuster

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