Organize a Screening

Use Tugg to Get GrowthBusters into a Movie Theater Near You:

  • Choose a Date, Time & Theater
  • Request a Screening Through Tugg
  • Promote the Screening (see screening resources)
  • Host the Screening (you can have a discussion, Q&A or guest speaker, even GrowthBusters director Dave Gardner, after your film)


Organize Your Own Screening:

Are you interested in participating in this global release by showing this important film to your friends, family, neighbors or community?

You may organize a screening at any venue, including a movie theater. All we ask is that you purchase a DVD product at the level that matches the size of your screening, and that you split any net revenue from donations with us after you cover your costs.

Thank you for helping to get the important GrowthBusters message heard around the world! Brief Instructional Video: Inviting Influential People to Your Screening:

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