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Al Bartlett Week – Day 2

Our week-long tribute to the late Professor Al Bartlett continues. We’re changing things up for the rest of the week. Yesterday I posted a new blog entry for each video clip we posted, but that makes for a lot of emails for those of you subscribed to the blog. So for the rest of the week I’ve come up with a gentler idea. I’ll put all of today’s videos into this one blog post. You can watch them as you have time today.

Al Bartlett and Dave Gardner First, a quick bit of information about Al’s legacy. His daughters provided this information for those of you looking for a meaningful gesture to honor Al:

In lieu of gifts or flowers, Dad preferred that donations be sent to the “Albert A Bartlett Award in Physics” fund which was established to support Physics majors who intend to teach secondary physics as their career. (University of Colorado Foundation, 4740 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80301)

Now, here are a few new clips from that long 2005 interview I filmed for GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth:

Is the Birth Dearth a Real Problem?

Population Decline is Desirable

Democracy Cannot Survive Overpopulation

Thanks for watching and sharing these videos. We’re planning to use this interview as the basis for the premiere episode of an interview-format TV series we’re developing, Conversation Earth.

To participate in Al Bartlett Week and avoid missing out, subscribe to this blog, join the event page, and/or follow us on Twitter. Add your comments. I look forward to reading and sharing your thoughts throughout the week!

Dave Gardner
Filmmaker & GrowthBuster

Dave Gardner directed the documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth. He blogs at and is a founder and contributor to

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  • Avatar

    Alexander Hill


    I agree about overpopulation but think your methodology of getting the point across is futile. it hasn’t worked so far and I don’t see how it’s gonna work.


    • Avatar

      Dave Gardner


      Thanks for weighing in, Alexander. Al Bartlett worked at it for 50 years and in many ways it doesn’t look like he made a lot of progress. But progress may be very slow, and it is hard to measure.

      At GrowthBusters we’re trying to mix it up a little more, with videos, some humor, etc. If you have suggestions for some other approaches we might try or should support, please let us know.

      Thanks for participating in Al Bartlett Week!


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