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Al Bartlett Week – Day 3

The late physics professor Al Bartlett knew you cannot have a sustainable world made up of unsustainable communities. So, while he lectured around the world and wrote prolifically about global population and economic growth, he also had a real knack for pointing out the sheer lunacy of the beliefs and policies of local policymakers. Today’s video clips (from my 2005 interview for GrowthBusters) focus on the crazy, suicidal behavior of states and cities hooked on growth. The third clip, Politicians and Population Growth, is particularly amusing.

Creating Jobs Increases # of Unemployed

Population Forecasts are Not Destiny

Politicians and Population Growth

To participate in Al Bartlett Week and avoid missing out, subscribe to this blog, join the event page, and/or follow us on Twitter. Add your comments. I look forward to reading and sharing your thoughts throughout the week!

Dave Gardner
Filmmaker & GrowthBuster

Dave Gardner directed the documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth. He blogs at and is a founder and contributor to

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Comments (2)

  • Avatar

    Bromwell Ault


    This is great stuff. A wonderful man, respected teacher and worker for humanity speaking truth !


  • Avatar

    Dave Gardner


    Thanks, Bromwell. It’s my pleasure to celebrate and honor Al Bartlett’s life and work. He often was stating the obvious, but he had a way of saying it, and it really needed to be said.


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