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One man takes on City Hall, Wall Street, and the pope,
as he questions society’s most fundamental beliefs about prosperity.

“This could be the most important film ever made!”
-Paul Ehrlich, Author of The Population Bomb

“The cult of endless growth has kept us from seeing clearly the choices in front of us.”
-Bill McKibben

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“This could be the most important film ever made.”
– Paul Ehrlich, Stanford Biologist and author of The Population Bomb

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Included Bonus Features:

NEW: A Word for Stephen Colbert – Overpopulation
NEW: Interview with the Filmmaker
Economists Gone Wild
Endangered Species Condoms
Phone Call to the Pope

54 minutes; English & Spanish Subtitles

Purchases also possible by mailing a check (see pricing levels here), including $4.65 for shipping to U.S. address or $12.20 to address outside the U.S. to Citizen-Powered Media, 2930 Orion Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 USA


“This could be the most important film ever made. It tackles the three lethal taboos that threaten our civilization, those against discussing overpopulation, overconsumption, and the nonsensical idea that economic growth itself is a net benefit even in rich countries and can and must continue forever.”
– Paul Ehrlich, Biologist, Professor of Population Studies, Stanford University, Author of The Population Bomb

“If you thought getting our political leaders past denial on climate change was tough, then wait until you try the end of growth! That’s why this film is so important, we have to build a broad base of understanding that infinite growth on a finite planet is not just a bad idea, its just not possible. So the sooner we get ready for what’s coming the better off we’ll be.”
– Paul Gilding, author of The Great Disruption

“The idea that growth is the solution to all our social and economic problems is only about 60 years old. Yet industrial society is as addicted to growth as a crackhead is to cocaine. “GrowthBusters” is part of the treatment we need to go cold turkey to save ourselves – and the planet.”
– William Rees, co-author of Our Ecological Footprint, past-president of Canadian Society for Ecological Economics

“This documentary is a “must see” for anyone concerned about sustainability and a future for mankind.”
– Maria Fotopoulos, Senior Writing Fellow, Californians for Population Stabilization

“It was one of our best nights, and best discussions.”
– Cindy Kimball, Chair, Salem Progressive Film Series

“They stood and applauded. They kept standing and applauded more.”
– Richard Jones

“I like the playfulness, its perfect for schools and university audiences – where I hope it plays big time.”
– Kent Welton, author of Cap-Com: The Economics of Balance

“Brilliant…and inspirational!”
– Peter Schlesinger

“We were blown away! GrowthBusters raised one of the most timely and critical issues we on this finite planet have to address.”
– Ruth Obee, poet

“An amazing array of expert luminaries!”
– Alice and Lincoln Day

“This is my favorite film of ALL times!”
– Karen Shragg, naturalist

“I think the film has the potential to influence a lot of people.”
– Stephanie McMillan, Editorial Cartoonist

“The movie is informative and entertaining…think of a Michael Moore documentary, without the director’s outsized on-screen persona.”
– Michael Murphy, Ignorance-Based Initiatives blog

“Raises a number of important questions, and…has managed to capture on film some of the world’s most provocative thinkers on the topic of growth.”
– Marc Gunther, contributing editor, Fortune magazine

“It was extremely inspirational.”
– Lindsay Karpenko, Student at Queen’s University, Quebec

“It seems Gardner succeeds in his mission to make it ok to be against growth. He achieves more than just this, however, equipping viewers with substantial, easily relatable reasoning for the argument, and a sense of hope that we can embrace a post-growth life with integrity and joy.”
– Kari McGregor, The Zeitgeist Movement Australia

“The cult of endless growth has kept us from seeing clearly the choices in front of us. It’s time we paid attention to some alternatives.”
– Bill McKibben, Co-Founder of 350.0rg, Author of Deep Economy and Earth

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