Is GrowthBusters a good Earth Day film?

Is GrowthBusters a Good Earth Day Movie? (podcast episode 40)

Is GrowthBusters a good Earth Day film?

8 Years Later, Community Screenings Still Strike a Nerve

The documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth is guaranteed to provoke conversations. Over eight years after it originally premiered, it’s still being screened. Is it still relevant? What kind of conversations does it spark? After he first watched, famed Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich wrote, “This could be the most important film ever made.”

You may want to screen the film in your community around Earth Day this year.

It sparked such a spirited discussion as part of an Earth Day screening attended by filmmaker Dave Gardner in 2019, that he invited one of the audience members to join him in the studio to discuss his response. This conversation was recorded nearly a year ago; it just kept being pushed aside as more time-sensitive topics and guests arose. Finally, we’re sharing it now. Erika had not yet joined the podcast when we recorded this. . . .

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