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Free Screening of GrowthBusters on Black Friday 2014

Black Friday Coming Soon This Friday, the 28th of November, is Black Friday, what’s become a national holiday celebrating consumption. As much of the rest of the world strives to emulate the over-consuming ways of the U.S., the Black Friday shopping tradition is spreading around the world. Especially in the U.S., all eyes are on how much money shoppers spend on the day after Thanksgiving (and even on the eve of Thanksgiving now, as retailers try to wring every penny they can from our wallets). If we “consumers” don’t spend more this year than last, it’s considered a failure.

Last year I wrote a thorough essay about all that’s wrong with this tradition; there’s no sense repeating it. Read it for yourself. You may want to share it with your shop-a-holic friends.

We began the tradition last year of screening my documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, free on the internet on Black Friday. It still seems like a good idea, to eschew shopping – usually for things that aren’t needed. Why not stay home and have quality time with family and friends? Play some games. Pop some popcorn. And watch a film with something to say about the Black Friday shopping madness.

This year we’re doing it on YouTube, which means you can watch when you want (on Black Friday). I’m also taking advantage of YouTube’s playlist function to line up an entire afternoon or evening of entertaining enlightenment. Here’s a link to the GrowthBusters Free Black Friday Screening playlist. It contains two feature-length documentaries and a series of short films, some quite hilarious. You can watch them all or skip around. You can watch a few, then pause for a meal or a walk or hike, then pick up where you left off. THIS IS A ONE-DAY DEAL. On Saturday we’ll pull GrowthBusters back off YouTube, because we need people to buy and rent the film; it’s one of the few ways the public steps up and funds our important work. I will leave the playlist intact, however – just without GrowthBusters. If you miss the free screening, you can order the DVD or purchase or rent a digital download here.

Of course you can share the playlist with your friends and family around the world so they can check it out. But don’t delay! Black Friday only comes once a year (thank goodness).

To make it easy to recommend to friends, here is a list of the films in the playlist:

If you appreciate what we’re doing here, please pitch in with a donation (tax-deductible in the U.S.) to fuel this non-profit public education project. Thank you.

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    Dave Gardner


    A few fans have made a great suggestion. If you DO need to shop for a Christmas or other holiday gift, why not make a donation to the GrowthBusters project in honor of your loved one? Let us know in the comments when you make a donation and we’ll send you a certificate worthy of gift wrapping. Tax-deductible in the U.S. Donate here:


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