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GrowthBusters Podcast

How to Have a Green Wedding (Podcast Episode #25)

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, so this seems the perfect time to learn what you can do to green up your wedding. With over 2 million weddings per year just in the U.S., greening your wedding can make a real difference. The Center for Biological Diversity’s Sarah Baillie shares low-impact wedding tips from the new Wildlife-Friendly Wedding Guide. Listen for more tips and information. And by all means get the guide if you have a wedding to plan!

Sarah Baillie

Your choice of wedding location can make a big difference. So can menu choices. Did you know a vegetarian menu has 75% less emissions than a meat-based menu? For a vegan menu the reduction is 90%. And have you considered that renting attire for the wedding party vs. buying can substantially cut your wedding’s impact? Attending a wedding has its share of impacts and costs. According to LendEDU, the average wedding attendee spends $1,386 per wedding.


The Wildlife-Friendly Wedding Guide

Center for Biological Diversity

Population & Sustainability Program (of Center for Biological Diversity)

Valentine’s Day in Times Square (Center for Biological Diversity action)

Dave’s documentary about bystander behavior

Endangered Species Condoms

So Kind registry (a registry and wishlist service that encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, secondhand goods, experiences, time, day-of-event help and more)

The Good Beginning registry (an online registry for donating to charitable causes throughout the world)

Rapid Population Growth in West, South Comes at High Cost to Wildlife (Press Release about U.S. Census Announcement)

As Weddings Become More Elaborate, Guests Send More Regrets

Loop circular shopping platform


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Comments (1)

  • Avatar

    John McVicker


    Sarah and others keep on saying Solar is held-up and Solar is the key renewable.
    But what about Wind? It offers more hours of power per day generally overnight when you would want to recharge our EVs. Wind is more probable to be better at more of the “baseload” power than Solar PV ever will be. I think people who are solar-centric just forget about the heavy value Wind power offers.


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