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Growth Culture Page-Turners

People have asked what I’m reading, so I thought I’d spend a few blog posts sharing the titles on my desk, on my kitchen counter, on my coffee table, on the nightstand, and on the floor next to that night stand. Today I will list some novels that explore these issues.

Because of the overwhelming workload of producing GrowthBusters, I have not read any non-fiction for the past several years, so at present I can only recommend these as works exploring the human predicament. I do encourage you to check them out and let me know what you think. I’m sure I’m leaving out some important titles. Please add to this list via the comments below. And look forward in the coming weeks to some lists of incredible non-fiction works.

Pachacuti, by George Trembath

The Eden Proposition, by Kurt Dahl

The Tide Turners, by Colin Macpherson

Seeds of Destruction, by Allan Hendry

More short story than novel, I have read these next two books and cannot recommend them highly enough, for young people AND adults:

hope for the flowers, by Trina Paulus

The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss

Watch for the upcoming animated motion picture, The Lorax, in March!

Dave Gardner

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Comments (2)

  • Avatar

    Steven Earl Salmony


    ‘Kicking so many cans down the road’ and denying responsibility for our reckless overconsumption, relentless overproduction and rampant overpopulation activities today can fulfill nothing more than the promise of a disastrous future for children everywhere tomorrow. Choosing now to live outrageously greedy lifestyles that are soon to become patently unsustainable provides all the wrong lessons to our children, who must learn to live sustainably before it is too late for human behavior change to make a difference.


  • Avatar

    Steven Earl Salmony


    We have an overpopulation problem and in the face of that problem deniers and ‘business as usual’ enthusiasts often say cavalierly, “Have the courage to do nothing.” That ideas of this kind are ever associated with word courage is the height of dishonesty and duplicity. Such expressions are also the most profound examples of self-serving thought and individual cowardice I can imagine. That such a point of view is broadcast by the mainstream media is a sign to us of its wrongheadedness.

    Let us not fail for another year to examine and report on extant research of human population dynamics/human overpopulation. The refusal of many too many experts to assume their responsibilities to science and perform their duties to humanity could be one of the most colossal mistakes in human history. Such woefully inadequate behavior by deniers, as is evident in the collusion of many too many experts, will soon enough be replaced with objective observations and truthful expressions from those in possession of clear vision, intellectual honesty and moral courage.

    Why not acknowledge science regarding human overpopulation and, by so doing, take a path toward sustainability? If we keep repeating the mistakes made in the past by denying science, nothing new and different can happen. Without an open acknowledgement of the root cause(s) of what is ailing the human family, how are we to move forward to raise awareness of the global predicament? Once awareness is raised among a critical mass of people, it becomes possible to organize for the purpose of formulating policies and actionable programs. Denial has kept us and continues to keep us from gaining momentum needed to address and overcome the human-driven challenges that currently threaten human well being and environmental health.


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