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condom, the pill, climate change temperature chart and satellite view of hurricane

Hurricanes, Climate Change & Contraception (Podcast Episode #19)

Yes, they are related. Our business-as-usual response to Hurricane Florence last month starts the conversation. (This episode was recorded before Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida panhandle.) Grace and Dave do also share some good news: climate change is getting more attention (of course the recent IPCC report has turned that volume up to 11, and we’ll discuss that in the next episode).

Also in this episode: Does Dave need to shut up already about using condoms? How reliable are various forms of contraception? A challenge to the top environmental NGOs to start telling the truth about the unsustainability of economic growth. And a politician startles the world by quitting because his government isn’t doing enough about the climate.

NOTE: Dave heard back from Final Straw about his problem getting the cleaning squeegie out of his straw. They informed him he had purchased a “bootleg” product made by someone else. The real Final Straw is scheduled to start deliveries in November.


 New York Timess: ‘It’s Back’: Underwater Yet Again, the Carolinas Face a New Reality

The Guardian: World is Finally Waking Up To Climate Change, Says ‘Hothouse Earth’ Author

World Bank Video: What a Waste 2.0: Everything You Should Know About Solid Waste Management

How Global Footprint Network is working to improve data

Living Planet Report

CASSE challenges NGOs

Final Straw

The 5 Best Reusable Straws

France24 The Debate episode about Hulot: Hulot Slams the Door: Popular Environment Minister Quits Macron Cabinet

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Comments (1)

  • Avatar

    Jeff W


    Regarding the seemingly illogical strategy of encouraging beachfront development in the Carolinas: if you consider business (capital) and citizens (consumers) as involved in a predator-prey relationship, then encouraging the masses to move into harms way is just an extension of the pro-business model since there is definitely money to be made in both the lead up (real estate sales, construction; recreation-based consumerism) and aftermath (restoration/rebuilding, insurance claims) of disasters such as floods, hurricanes, etc.


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