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More Kids, Fewer Kids, or No Kids?

Are children bad for the health of the planet, and therefore human civilization? Should we stop making them? Or do we need to step it up and make lots more than we’re currently making (does anyone have a good recipe)? Or does the intelligent answer lie somewhere in-between?

The GrowthBusters podcast team doesn’t shy away from tough topics when the fate of human civilization hangs in the balance. In this episode, Ben, Kaitlyn and I discuss recent news headlines about fertility rates and offer their opinions on the views of Matt Lewis (The Daily Beast) and Travis Rieder (Berman Institute of Bioethics). Over 15,000 of the world’s scientists also weigh in.

Here are links promised during the conversation:

My post at Growth Bias Busted about the Daily Beast column discussed in this episode

Travis Rieder piece at NBC News Digital

Matt Lewis piece at The Daily Beast

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity – A Second Notice

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Comments (2)

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    What’s with all the beating around the bush? The earth’s resources are limited, the ability of man to procreate is without limit. Do I see an answer here to the sustainability question?


    • Avatar

      Dave Gardner


      I try not to beat around the bush, and I frequently chide others when they do. Unsure who you’re commenting about, Ed. Thanks for visiting and posting.


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