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collage of advocacy activities

New Resource For Sustainability Advocates: GrowthBusters Online Community

collage of advocacy activitiesAre you growing tired of beating your head against the wall, in an effort to awaken the world to the existence of limits to growth? Many veteran sustainability activists feel like we’ve talked this subject to death, and made far too little progress.

If you’re interested in moving from discussion to real action, or finding ways to make the discussions more effective, consider joining the new online GrowthBusters community. This will fill an unmet need and serve as our internal communications department – a place for activists to exchange ideas, share information and resources, and create new resources. Our work will be about all aspects of limits to growth and overshoot – especially overconsumption, overpopulation and economic growth. 

Please check out this community here, and apply for free membership if you’d like to give it a try.

More details and a sneak preview available here.

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