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woman rapelling from Earth

Pick One: Catastrophe or Disaster (Podcast Episode 20)

Do climate change lights and sirens change anything?

A climate emergency has finally been declared. Grace and Dave explain the bad news from the IPCC and evaluate media, public and policymaker response. Has sugar-coating the news and projections in the past been useful? Is it time to “take the gloves off?” Some say even this new, alarming report is understating the seriousness of what we face.

What should we be doing about it? Now that denial of the science is pretty much behind us, what stands in the way of an appropriate response? Is apathy an issue? Saturday Night Live may have summed up our predicament a little too accurately. The agenda includes the Trump administration’s approach to climate.

Plus: World premiere announcement of a new documentary, To Kid or Not to Kid, at Doc NYC, World Vasectomy Day is a thing, and a new segment featuring Heidi Bischof, the head and heart of Earth Ethic.


Documentary World Premiere: To Kid or Not to Kid

World Vasectomy Day

IPCC Report Executive Summary: GLOBAL WARMING OF 1.5 °C

UN Report on Global Warming Carries Life-or-Death Warning – AP Story

8 Things You Need to Know About the IPCC 1.5˚C Report by Kelly Levin, World Resources Institute

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update

Can Civilization Survive What’s Coming? By Jeff Goodell in Rolling Stone

Climate Change Threatens Extinction but Politicians Only Care About Next Election by former London Mayor Ken Livingstone

“I Simply Don’t Care’ About Climate Change

The Trump Administration Knows the Planet is Going to Boil. It Doesn’t Care by Bill McKibben

Talking points: 1.5°C = No Fossil Fuels from

Heidi Bischof on Medium

Saving the Planet: How to Find Your Missing Why by Heidi Bischof

Less Is More: Bringing Back Quality And Simplicity To Our Kitchens (And Our Lives) by Heidi Bischof

Earth’s Population is Skyrocketing. How Do You Feed 10 Billion People Sustainably?

The Adorable Optimism of the IPCC by Peter Watts

Overwhelmed by Climate Change? Here’s What You Can Do by Matthew Taylor and Adam Vaughan at UK Guardian

Eco Crises: Doom & Gloom, Truth & Consequences by Kristine Mattis

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Comments (5)

  • Avatar

    E.W.Kock aka. Rulgert Ghostalker


    governmental policy is supposed to be representative of public consensus…IS IT ????

    human consumption follows supply….
    you use less, and someone else will perceive an increase in prosperity for your in-action, and use more.

    same with people who choose responsible reproduction, someone else will perceive an increase in prosperity for your in-action, and reproduce more.

    i think i would rather starve to death than be shot dead, but i don’t understand people who continue to insist on criminalizing me for wanting a third choice.


  • Avatar

    Rulgert Ghostalker


    “I am a lifelong environmentalist, and I think regardless of whether that issue polls high or not in my district, I still would have run on climate change, because this is the conversation we all need to talk about….We have 22 years before climate change is irreversible.”

    quote from the e-mail i got

    we have 5 years before humanity outstrips the food supply…..or maybe 30 years if we get the legislation in place…..if every couple stopped at one child, the population would decline very slowly out to about 3 generations from now, (approximately 60 years) when it would begin to decline at any rate appreciable enough to avoid a capacity outstripping event…

    so when you didn’t sign my petition 5 years ago, you killed allot of people….”it doesn’t help to wait to sign it”, remember?


  • Avatar

    Rulgert Ghostalker


    they proved they wanted to live to me…but everything they do says different….what am i supposed to believe?

    i believe that the 80% of them that didn’t sign, who are causing the Apocalypse, are planing on continuing to copulate and put firearms in the hands of their offspring so that they can copulate and put firearms in the hands of their off spring, and so on and so forth until they arrive in the post apocalyptic world….where the fruits of their crotches may prosper in bountiful freedom to endlessly copulate again without limits…

    all 80% of them….


  • Avatar

    Rulgert Ghostalker


    the main problem is people’s minds launching off global peak oil, like an Olympic ski ramp into a severely altered perception of reality…..

    domestic peak in the US was 1970, and global peak oil was 2006…just since global peak, 12 years ago, humanity has consumed 1/4 of the worlds ever total oil…

    resource consumption tends to increase exponentially…and that’s why.

    besides so many products being made from oil, our lowest energy route to chemical fertilizers is deriving them fro Natural Gas. ( which we are also running out of )

    water tables are like a battery that takes much longer to re-charge…and people pump water out of water tables at yearly rates that will take a thousand years to replenish itself… we are running out of freash water globally also, ( what happens when the “battey” is dead? )

    i don’t know when it was that insane people had taken the majority….ok….but i can tell you, that when insane people take the majority, then sane people are referred to as ” insane”, as the insane people then claim the authority to declare themselves “sane” and drive all the sane people nuts….


  • Avatar



    I’m not as optimistic about the power of voting in “the right people”. I main ray of hope these days is that the world may very well be right on the cusp of a sustained energy shortfall, ie. declining oil, coal, possibly gas availability. There are several projections of this happening between now and 2025, 2030 at the latest. If this comes to fruition the ensuing economic contraction will likely accomplish more climate-friendly changes than all these depressing reports and pleas for individual and governmental action. My fingers are crossed for a near-term civilization decline because I don’t believe humans can evolve fast enough to cope with the levels of complexity we’ve created and we’ve never had to intentionally collectively restrain ourselves in our pursuit of resources, it’s always been forced upon us.


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