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GrowthBusters World Premiere in 3 Days

DSCN1872-300x224I stopped into the West End Cinema Friday to do a technical check (make sure my film gets along with their projection equipment) and it hit me – the sudden realization that I’ve made my first feature film. After 6 years of gestation my baby is being born! It was exciting.

Theatre manager Josh Levin put our poster up on the wall, and our local event manager, Johanna Barron, informed me we had reservations to fill half the theatre within 24 hours of our invitations going out.

DSCN1873-300x224It’s pretty clear we’ll fill the theatre. What remains to be seen is if we start a buzz that travels around the planet: “Here’s a film that dares to tell us the truth. You must see it!” Most of the news media is ignoring us. They may recognize we are a threat, a threat to their growth-dependent, growth-obsessed, blissful ignorance. They’d rather we fade quickly into oblivion. That’s not going to happen.

The Colorado Premiere is scheduled for November 9, and a Bay Area premiere is being planned now, for November 15. Portland, Boston, New Zealand, Winnepeg, and Minnesota screenings are all coming up very soon.

We’ve been taking orders for the DVD for nearly a month, and the DVDs are finally ready to ship this week. If you haven’t ordered yours and considered a house party or a big community screening, now is the time! You are our distribution plan! Thanks for the help.

Dave Gardner

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